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Posted 2021-01-19 14:05:58 by

Project partners in the recently completed FLO-MAR project, looking at the use of flow batteries in zero emission shipping, recently presented the findings from the project to around 100 members of the Society of Maritime Industries. Simon Powell from MSE International, David Wing from Houlder and Chris Price from Swanbarton discussed the work undertaken in the FLO-MAR project which was funded by MarRI-UK

The event was organised by MarRI-UK, a collaborative innovation vehicle for UK industry and academia to jointly tackle innovation and technology challenges. They focus on research and innovation within mid TRL (3 7) levels to address the opportunities between "discovery and research" and "commercialisation" of Maritime Technologies and Systems.

The key conclusions of the FLO-MAR project are:

  • Flow battery propulsion can be successfully integrated into the design of vessels, principally those where the larger battery volume can be accommodated
  • No serious safety issues
  • Options for both electric and hydraulic recharging
  • Early-adopter markets - vessels with limited power and energy requirements
  • Flow batteries well-suited for hybrid systems
  • Savings in maintenance and overall cost of ownership likely
  • Zero-emissions
  • In-port energy storage needed

The project identified that the investment programme needed to get flow batteries adopted for use in vessels is as follows:

  • Confirmation of stack performance on a dynamic platform, (will it survive on a moving ship)
  • Development of novel electro-chemistries such as organic electrolytes
  • Definition of a portfolio of use-cases, more detailed investigation of potentially suitable ships and duty cycles
  • Formalisation of codes and standards

To find out more about the FLO-MAR project please click here and to download a copy of the presentation given to SMI please click here.