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Greater Knowledge Transfer is key aim of the COLUMBUS knowledge Fellowship

COLUMBUS is a 4m Blue Growth project designed to ensure that outputs arising from publicly-funded marine research projects have positive societal benefit.

COLUMBUS will ensure measurable value creation, from EC investment into marine and maritime research, to contribute to sustainable Blue Growth within the timeframe of the project.

To do this, COLUMBUS has established a "Knowledge Fellowship", a network of nine full-time Knowledge Fellows whose role will be to carry out Knowledge Transfer. Working together as a team and active network, this combined critical mass will provide a multiplier effect to help achieve measurable impacts and to develop a blueprint for future activities in this field of work, ultimately contributing to the development of a thriving and sustainable "blue" economy.

These Knowledge Fellows will work across nine nodes, each with a specific focus area: aquaculture, marine biological resources, marine environment and futures, fisheries, marine governance and management, marine transport and logistics, monitoring and observation, marine physical resources, and marine tourism.

COLUMBUS expects to see its impact come from the consequences of improved knowledge uptake by the different marine and maritime stakeholders. Acceptance and use of knowledge in industry, policy, society and science depends on the awareness, perception and understanding these stakeholders have of that knowledge. To bridge this gap by developing robust and sustainable Knowledge Transfer systems, which can be easily adapted and used, is a key objective of the COLUMBUS project.

Marine South East are leading the 'Knowledge Transfer' work package with responsibility for coordinating the development, delivery and reporting of tailor-made plans to successfully transfer specific high potential 'Knowledge Outputs'.

For more information about the COLUMBUS project and its aims and initiatives please visit:

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Posted 2015-11-03 08:47:25

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