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Marine South East partner new 'Exposures' project

Marine South East will be partnering with IT Innovation in a new project which has recently been selected for funding under the Sunrise programme.

The Exposures project will show how the ‘Internet of Things’ can be exploited in marine applications, focusing initially on seabed monitoring using autonomous systems.

The project will show how new seabed bathymetric data from an autonomous vehicle can be integrated seamlessly with data and models from other sources (e.g. archived survey data), to generate high value information to users of coastal waters and seabed resources.

Two specific applications have been identified in the project: scour monitoring around seabed structures such as wind turbine towers; and identification of sediment drift in areas of high sediment mobility.

Successful validation of this technology will allow such monitoring to be performed at higher resolution and at lower cost than conventional survey approaches.

Marine South East is working on Exposures with another Chilworth-based company, IT Innovation. The project forms part of a wider programme called Sunrise, led by the University of Rome and involving a range of key organisations including NATO.

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Posted 2015-05-20 17:26:46

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