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Posted 2022-08-23 10:00:52 by

Driving the Electric Revolution (DER-IC) North East and SMI (Society of Maritime Industries) are hosting a maritime workshop on 'Solutions-based approaches to Maritime Electrification' 11th-12th October 2022 at Baltic, Newcastle upon Tyne. Click here for more details.

Companies who operate in the work boat and small craft market, <25m and/or 500-7,500 hpw.

Currently Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD) solutions used for electrification are being optimised well in sectors such as automotive and aerospace, but are sub-optimal in maritime. Electric solutions for clean maritime are currently in their infancy. These products are generic and there are better solutions which include improving efficiency, performance and sustainability. 

This event will be highly interactive, bringing together key stakeholders from across multiple sectors across the PEMD and alternative fuel communities in industry, government, academic and research technology organisations to explore how we can combine a wider knowledge base to create viable solutions for maritime.

Click here to express your interest in attending - spaces are limited.