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Posted 2021-03-16 17:50:21 by

Fish&Click is a new app that has been developed as part of the INdIGO project to produce an inventory of lost fishing gear found at sea or on the shore. The recordings of the findings of the public will help to reduce the impact of plastic pollution by the fishing sector on marine ecosystems.

People are being asked to keep their eyes and smartphones open when walking along the beach or going out to sea; if nets, traps, ropes, lines, anchors or bouys get in the way, the public are being asked to log them at    or go to the mobile app    

The public are being asked to take 2 minutes to fill in the place, date and category of the material found, photograph it, if possible, before picking it up and disposing of it appropriately. From this data a map will be created to determine the distribution of plastic marine litter generated by fishing activities and an inventory of the situation in the Channel area will be developed.

This citizen science project is at the heart of the INdIGO Interreg Project, which is aiming to develop biodegradable fishing gear. This inventory of lost fishing gear will also make it possible to check whether the challenge of reducing plastic pollution from fishing by 2030 through the use of innovative gear can be met.

Posters, videos and leaflets are all available for the Fish&Click project. Please email to receive copies.